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Want to play the new DayZ standalone closed beta? You're in luck! We're currently hosting a daily beta invite giveaway that will allow you to beta test the new DayZ game. We ended up with WAY more beta keys than we can actually use (group of programmers signed up for beta with over 1,000 unique accounts), and now we're wanting to spread the love for this awesome new game.

Beta keys are stored in unique .txt files that you will find below. In order to unlock your beta key you will need to complete a short offer that should take no longer than 2-3 minutes of your time. Sorry for the inconvenience, however this was implemented to keep abusers and spambots from taking all of our DayZ beta keys at once. If we run out of keys we will do our best to add new keys daily, so if we are out of keys when you check just come back tomorrow and hopefully there will be some available then.


Download a free  DayZ standalon beta key. This giveaway is completely free, for both you and us, claim your beta key now.

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 Using this Key, you can play DayZ Standalon Beta  multiplayer online, or single player if you wish.

Download your very own unique working code now!

make sure you complete all the steps below, our server is checking if all steps are completed. 

Notice: if you don't got a twitter account or google+1, our server will let you pass on this step.

The answer is simply because our gaming advertisers and sponsors pay us for each of our promotion. All of the Dayz Beta Packs are free because of our sponsors.There is a survey on each key download to prove that you are real so we don’t get spammed by fake accounts/bots. 

Green Keys = Available
Red Keys = Unavailable



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